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Guideline Publications is the UK's leading publisher of modelling and hobby-related magazines. With a world-class portfolio of titles and an international Social Media presence, Guideline Publications has a dedicated readership that is constantly expanding into new areas. Scale Aircraft Modelling is the UK's best-selling aviation modelling title, covering both modelling and aviation history. Military Modelcraft International is similarly the UK's leading title, covering military vehicle modelling and reference. Fantasy Figures International is the only UK magazine dedicated to fantasy and Sci-Fi modelling. Toy Soldier Collector is the first-choice magazine for collectors of toy and model figures of all shapes and sizes. Guideline Publications have recently acquired two railway titles: the long-established British Railways Illustrated and Railway Bylines, catering to railways enthusiasts of all ages and covering the 'golden age' of British Railways.

All of Guideline's modelling and hobby titles are characterised by a truly international team of contributors. All our titles also feature first-class writing by internationally renowned authors and experts, as well as crystal-clear step-by-step photography to allow our readers to get the most out of their hobbies. Guideline titles are the 'go-to' for unbiased and respected reviews of the latest products and our Social Media presence means we are also first to share news of new releases from across the hobby sector. Guideline Publications also publish a range of books and bookazines, including the world-famous Warpaint aviation series, to complement our magazines.

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