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Guideline Publications is the number one UK publisher of modelling and hobby-related magazines.For over 25 years Guideline Publications has been publishing high-quality magazines and books for the model making community. Over that time, we have aimed to deliver the best editorial content we can, listening to our readers, advertisers and friends in the hobby and developing our titles in partnership with them.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and honesty. It is a reputation hard earned and cherished by everyone associated with the company. That is why at Guideline Publications we will not make false claims about how many subscribers we have or how many outlets we sell our magazines through. We will, deliver each and every issue of all our magazines to our subscribers and make them as widely available through the newsstand as we can.

We will continue to support our advertisers with editorial content and to recognise that the best editorial content comes at a price, paying our contributors in full and on time for articles they submit. Our staff - Tom, Kim and all the editorial staff - will continue to be accessible and we will commit to respond to queries and address any issues in a timely manner. Our values as a company have helped us succeed and grow and we look forward to serving the hobby community for many years to come.

With its sector-leading titles, Scale Aircraft Modelling, Military Modelling International and Toy Soldier Collector and Historical Figures, Guideline caters for all hobbyists, whether they be new to the hobby or prize-winning modellers, a dedicated collector or military enthusiast. Guideline continues to expand its portfolio of publications, bringing the trademarks of high-quality photography, well-written and informative text, and accessible design to science fiction and fantasy hobbyists with Fantasy Figures International, with Model Car Truck Motorcycle World, and modellers and collectors of agricultural equipment miniatures with New Model Farmer.
For railway enthusiasts, Guideline also publishes the acclaimed British Railways Illustrated and Railway Bylines. All of Guideline titles combine hobby and modelling content with original research and reference articles penned by internationally recognised experts in their field. Guideline Publications is the essential companion for the serious hobbyist.

As well as our world-class range of periodicals, Guideline Publications also produces a range of books, including the widely acclaimed Warpaint series. Colour Conundrum, Warpaint, Warpaint Armour and other titles all feature the same original research, as well as the high editorial and production standards that are the hallmark of the Guideline Publications' brand.
We work with the leading kit manufacturers, museums, and other institutions, as well as an international team of contributors and highly experienced editors, to ensure our books and magazines continually evolve and maintain their hard-earned reputation for excellence and integrity.

NEXT Spring Show Saturday 22nd March 2024

Thank you to all the visitors, traders and clubs who supported the first Spring Model Show. Without your support there would not be a show at all so a big thanks for making the effort to join. us

We felt the show was very successful - there a few issues we need to iron out but overall we were exceptionally pleased with the way the event turned out. We are already making plans to repeat the show next year on Saturday 22nd March 2024. We can confirm there will be a much larger Railway presence and I am sure there will be additional traders and clubs participating in the second Spring Model Fair.

Again thank you to everyone for your support, which is appreciated by everyone at Guideline Publications.

We look forward to seeing you at our next shows

Saturday 24th June 2023 - London Toy Soldier Show
Saturday 2nd December 2023 London Toy Soldier Show
Sunday 3rd December 2023 London Plastic Modelling Show

Any questions please contact Tom Foxon Sales & Marketing Director for Guideline Publications TeL: +44 (0)1582 668411 or +44 (0) 7540153368
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Scale Aircraft Modelling

In the face of a changing marketplace SAM has proved once again that it is the first, the best, and the most obvious choice for aircraft modellers.

Our historical and reference pieces are widely respected for the coverage they offer, and collected by readers for their ground-breaking research. Our monthly centre-section offers a one-stop precis of aircraft types based on the old 'Profile' series, but updated with colour artwork and scale drawings, while Colour Conundrum draws on original Air Ministry documentation to offer new ideas for well-covered subjects, often with unique insights into camouflage and markings.

From first-time builders to competition winners, SAM has something for everyone, showcasing techniques and products, and demonstrating skills and ideas that can turn an everyday model into a show-stopper. Always inclusive, our core modelling content is aimed at all skill levels and disciplines.

Military Modelcraft International

The latest issue of Military Modelcraft International on sale now.

Well lets start with some good news……. 2023 Begins with a Bang! To celebrate the new year, we're delighted to announce that from our February issues, Scale Aircraft Modelling, Military Modelcraft International, Fantasy Figures International and Toy Soldier Collector & Historical Figures will all be 100 pages from now on. That's more news and reviews and more of the best hobby and reference articles in the business

Military Modelcraft International is the world's leading English-language military modelling magazine. Each month it is packed with step-by-step build articles, exclusive reference material, and the latest news and reviews from across the hobby. In each issue we bring you the very best armour modelling from across the world, with informative and accessible text and high-quality photography helping you improve your modelling skills and get the most from your hobby.
Toy Soldier Collector & Historical Figures is the world's premiere magazine all types of enthusiasts who compose the broad church that today's hobby is whether someone's interest is collecting metal civilian and military miniatures painted in traditional gloss or modern matt finishes, mustering plastics, building and painting model figures, wargaming, or creating everything from scenic items to expansive dioramas.

We work with premier manufacturers as well as smaller enterprises from the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, and elsewhere to review new products and keep our readers abreast of the latest hobby news.

Every eye-popping, 100-page edition also showcases a compelling array of captivating features penned by expert enthusiasts who delve into wide-ranging history, collecting interests, how-to projects and a whole lot more vividly illustrated by striking photographs. Please rest assured that TSC&HF always strives to inform, entertain and bring together our hobby's broad church because we are as serious about collecting as you are!
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Fantasy Figures International

Fantasy Figures International is back! Our special World Model Expo issue features an extended show report and an exclusive interview with American miniature artist Steven Garcia. Our cover story is a stunning post-apocalyptic vignette by the very talented Andrea Ricciardi, while Rochelle Parente paints a Warhammer-inspired tomb guardian dragon. With all this and much, much more, Fantasy Figures International is your essential hobby magazine for miniature painters and sci-fi modellers alike.

Our Sci-Fi coverage is second to none, featuring Gunpla from some of the best-known names in the hobby, as well as Maschinen Krieger and Stars Wars. Our Fantasy painting articles cover classic subjects and post-Apocalyptic modelling. Fantasy Figures International has something for all levels of modellers, from complete newcomers to the hobby to award-winning painters.

Fantasy Figures International is first and foremost about exceptionally painted miniatures. Our showtime reports feature inspirational painting and modelling from the biggest and best shows worldwide. Fantasy Figures International also brings you the latest in news and reviews from the manufacturers who are shaping the future of the hobby.

British Railways Illustrated

Now approaching its 30th year and long known by its cheerful acronym 'BRILL', British Railways Illustrated is known and respected for the depth and quality of its historically-based articles. Focussing on the nationalised and early modernisation era of British Railways from 1948 to the 1970s, any aspect of vintage railway operations is grist to the mill as long as it is well-researched and written. The camera, we are told, never lies, but it can be 'economical with the truth, so BRILL's team of contributors paint a bigger picture, with extended and informed captions bringing to life the classic black and white photography that constitutes the bulk of its content. Featuring a colour cover, 56 pages of text and, typically, 60-70 high quality black and white images, most issues include maps and plans/diagrams where appropriate. 'History with a good helping of nostalgia' is its hallmark with some humour thrown in. .

Buy our latest issue HERE Download the latest digital edition HERE

FREE June 23- Modern Railway News News HERE

Railway Bylines now in its 26th year.

Companion magazine to British Railways Illustrated, Railway Bylines, now in its 26th year, focuses on the backwaters of our railway system, bringing to life long-gone industrial systems, country branches, narrow gauge and mineral lines. With a wide-ranging editorial remit the magazine covers the rolling stock, buildings and infrastructure, and its content is largely focussed on pre-1970s subjects, although material is planned and programmed for its interest and rarity and frequently strays outside these parameters. Featuring a colour cover, 56 pages of text and, typically, 60-70 high quality black and white images, most issues include maps and plans/diagrams where appropriate. The research skills and erudition of our team of contributors ensures an informed and enjoyable read with a light touch that matches its often out-of-the-way and off-beat subjects.s.

Buy our latest issue HERE Download the latest digital edition HERE

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Model Car Truck Motorcycle World
Your New Home For Amazing Automotive Modelling & Diecast Collecting!

Despite the abundance of scale model magazines on the marketplace it has been years since a dedicated title for automotive subjects was available. Model Car Truck & Motorcycle World showcases kit builds, conversions, and super-detailing projects covering all types of automotive subject, focusing on plastic construction kits, but also includes items of news and reviews for those interested in die cast and collecting.

The magazine presents step-by-step builds of cars, trucks, and motorcycles, with plenty of hints and tips on how to get the best out of your hobby, with a round up every issue of new items coming on to the marketplace.

Download the latest digital edition HERE
FREE digital sample HERE

New Model Farmer & Commercial Machinery World

The New Model Farmer & Commercial Machinery World is the UK's best magazine for collectors of agricultural equipment models in all scales, focusing on all age groups from kids to serious adult collectors.

Each issue keeps the reader up to date on releases and announcements from the various model manufacturers and kit producers, both for agricultural and construction related themes and actively welcomes our readers to contribute stories about their collection, or specific projects that they have undertaken. Filled with diecast model reviews, giving the lowdown on the latest replicas to hit the market along with show reports from the UK and Europe covering some of the biggest and most recognised events.

Plastic model kits will be featured in the magazine, with In the Box articles showing the contents of each kit before model building experts take over to highlight their build and painting techniques. Conversions and modifications to existing models will give a taste of the skills of hobbyists to create that one-off exclusive model with How To tutorials covering various weathering approaches. Find out about other collectors and their collecting habits with the Collector Profile stories providing interesting insights into the mind of a collector.

There is a growing range of remote-control models being produced, both from model manufacturers and custom builders so we will endeavour to look into what is currently available along with reports on converting static models into remote control vehicles.

Download the latest digital edition HERE
Warpaint no 137
Warpaint 137 Douglas SBD Dauntless by Kev Darling

104 pages * £28.00 * 20 pages Colour Profiles * 350+Images *detailed plans*

The Douglas SBD Dauntless earned itself a reputation as a great dive bomber even though its antecedents were very much of pre-war origin. Many nicknames were given to the SBD during its time in frontline service, my own personal favourite is 'slow but deadly'. The original concept was developed by Jack Northrop with some help from Ed Heinemann. The resultant aircraft, the BT-1, had quite a few faults that would be rectified when the SBD-1 ap-peared. Very much a pre-production model the remainder of this first contract was completed as the SBD-2 and had few improvements over the earlier machines. It took the appearance of the SBD-3 to create a more warlike ma-chine that incorporated self sealing fuel tanks, armour plating and improved armament. Each version thereafter showed some improvement , the final version, the SBD-6, being the best of all. The USAAF also used a version of the Dauntless, this being the A-24 Banshee. The only difference between the two models was the lack of naval equipment for carrier operation otherwise it was the same. Unfortunately by the time the SBD-6 appeared the frontline career of the Dauntless was over. However, the Dauntless and its land equivalent the Banshee had other careers with the Royal Navy, the French Air Force and Navy, Chile and Mexico.

Available end of March 2023

* Complete and detailed history
* Scale plans
* In detail pictures
* Pages of superb colour camouflage drawings and photography
* Complete production list
* Squadrons, units and individual aircraft serials and codes
* Comprehensive specification


Dambusters and the Lancaster Warpaint Anniversary Special

64 pages
Few military exploits have captured the public's imagination as much as the famous 'Dambusters' raid on the night of 16 - 17 May 1943. To mark the 80th anniversary of the escapade Guideline present Dambusters and the Lancaster, a comprehensive study of the raid itself, the background and planning that led up to it, and the men and machinery that took part, as well as a reasoned study of the aftershocks. Author Des Brennan, one of our most respected writers on military aviation history, has gathered together all the threads of this astonishing tale and woven them together to present a book that pays tribute to one of the most remarkable feats of World War 2.

Colour Conundrum no 2 by Paul Lucas 
84 pages

Modern Railways - Changing Trains by Gary Hatcher 
84 pages

Colour Conundrum By Paul Lucas 
84 pages

Northern Powerhouse by Ian Edmondson  
84 pages plus 4 cover  

After the Apocalypse By David Grummitt, 
80 pages plus 4 cover  

Camouflage & Markings no1: RAF Fighters 1945 - 1950 UK based Author Paul Lucas 
96 pages plus 4 cover  

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